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Hints & Tips Page

Catering - What are people going to eat?


Finger food- Easy to serve as people can help themseves from 1 or 2 tables.

BBQ style- Some people (men) will make a burger and eat it with there hands, while other          people(women) prefer to sit with a plate and cutlery. A good idea to allow tables and chairs for this.

Casual- Food generally available over a period of time, people will usually sit to eat then move when finished and someone else takes their spot.

Formal- Everyone sits and eats at the same time (eg wedding), each guest requires a setting. Buffet style or served to the table.

Thinking of a Marquee?


To decide what marquee you need here's  some things to consider.

Area- The most important thing- How much room do you have?

        How much room do you need to cater for the size and style of function?

Surface- If it's going on soft ground? - you can use free standing or rope and pole marquees.

             If it's going on hard ground that can't have pegs driven into it? eg concrete- You are restricted to free standing marquees

Do you need sides for weather protection?

Do you want to erect/dismantle yourself? or the wise thing and get us to do it for you?